Our Sustainable Growth Plan

We’ve set ourselves four big goals and 12 targets up to 2025 to tackle the sustainability issues our customers care most about.

With our Sustainable Growth Plan, we are improving the sustainability of all our product ranges while embedding sustainability into our operations and supply chain, cutting our carbon footprint, driving resource efficiencies and eliminating waste.

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We want to make sustainability the easy choice for customers – integrated into each range and product so it comes as standard on every home improvement project.

Sustainability is one of our five core design principles used in the development of our ranges, alongside price, quality, form and function. As we update our ranges, customers will not need to look for a sustainable product. They will be able to choose any product they want and have sustainability built in.


  • Save money by saving energy and water: From water efficient taps, to insulation and LED light bulbs we offer products that make it easy for customers to create an efficient home and save money on their bills. We’re also reducing energy use in our business and have set an ambitious carbon reduction target in line with climate science.
  • Live smarter by getting more from less, reusing or using longer: We’re rethinking how we source and use resources, integrating circular economy principles and designing out waste. That includes launching innovative products that are long-lasting, create less waste and are easy to recycle while protecting resources for the future.
  • Create a healthier home and connect with nature: We’re making it easier for customers to create healthy, natural homes that are free from harmful chemicals. A growing body of research shows that being close to nature improves wellbeing so we’re focused on helping customers create a home for nature in their gardens.
  • Be part of a community that helps millions more people improve their homes: We want to make a difference beyond our business, helping more people to improve their homes and their lives. Through our community investment we are providing funding and expertise to help tackle poor and unfit housing. We are also working with our suppliers and other partners to ensure high standards and improve life for communities in our supply chain.

Our Sustainable Growth Plan is good for our business too. It will kick-start innovation through new product ranges and alternative business models and stimulate new ways of working across teams and functions. We believe it makes us a more attractive place to work for our people and a better place to shop for our customers. It will drive growth and help us deliver our ONE Kingfisher business transformation programme.