Our responsible business strategy

We are committed to doing everything we can to make a positive impact for society, so that all our homes – including our communities, our forests and planet – can flourish. During 2020, this has helped shape our response to the COVID-19 crisis – read more in our Responsible Business Report

It also means we will continue to play our part in addressing the global challenge of climate change and supporting many of the people across Europe living in homes that are unfit – too small, too dark, too cold and too damp.

Our priorities

Our responsible business strategy has four key priorities, each with its own commitment:

These priorities will bring focus to our efforts and enable us to work together with our partners, our customers and our 80,000 colleagues to further increase our impact.


Our priorities are underpinned by our commitment to our Responsible Business Fundamentals. These cover the many issues and impacts we need to measure and manage to ensure we continue to operate responsibly across our business – from ethical sourcing and human rights to health and safety and waste and recycling.

Net positive

Our longer-term goal is to be a net-positive business, contributing more than we take. We aim to help our customers create sustainable homes, transform our business to be restorative to the environment, and improve life in the communities where we operate and in our supply chain.

Read more about our sustainable business strategy and progress in our report and data appendix



We will become a more inclusive company



We will be forest positive and help tackle climate change



We will help make greener, healthier homes affordable


We will fight to fix bad housing