Kitchen Taps

The ambition of this project was to move our core kitchen taps range into the GoodHome brand. The range aims to address all tap types with a simple and consistent design language, across F and U spout shapes. All taps are designed to align with our sinks and CMF across the kitchen.

Insights and Research

The kitchen tap provides the primary source of running water in the home. Users interact less with washing smaller items and are more likely to wash larger items not suitable for the dishwasher. Understanding user behaviours enabled us to define core features to improve usage within the daily workflow.

Prototype and Refinement

We disassembled existing taps to understand core components and the space required for internals to guide our concepts. We used 3D prints & foam models to validate scale, proportions and ease of use. We repeated this process until we got to the final design.

Design Proposal

The range consist of 4 designs which go across multiple tap types; Kamut, Phoran, Minimal & Value. Kamut & Phoran.

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