Watering Tools

A simple, intuitive and accessible range of watering tools. The range consists of the essential tools needed for plant care and garden maintenance: connectors, spray guns, hose reels and sprinklers. The tools enable users to effortlessly care for their garden, providing an intuitive and engaging experience.

The environmental impact of the range has been a key consideration. Recycled plastic (100% post consumer waste) and water saving features have been adopted throughout the range.

Insights and Research

We have all experienced a tangled hose pipe and a leaking spray gun, each tool in the range addresses the core user challenges and provides an intuitive experience.

Prototype and Refinement 

Each tool has been continually refined and improved, offering market leading performance that aims to delight and surprise the user.

Design Proposal

Connectors - Comfortable and robust, offering a leak free guarantee.

The ergonomic spring-loaded connectors allow for effortless tool engagement and removal. A double O-ring has been adopted to prevent water leaks and reduce water wastage.

Sprinklers - Water saving features and compact storage.

Sprinklers are often left on for longer than necessary, using more water. We included an integrated timer to encourage water saving behaviour and optimise water usage. The sprinklers incorporate an aluminium frame which provides a stable platform that can be rotated to create a hook for efficient storage.

Hose Reels - Tangle free reeling achieved across the range.

The 2in1 reel and cart set adopt a unique (patent pending) auto guide, providing a stable and ergonomic structure that provides an effortless tangle feel reeling experience. The auto reels combine a simple form with market leading functionality.

Spray Guns - Intuitive trigger combined with refined spray settings.

The trigger provides a simple and controllable interface for the user. On/off and flow can be controlled in one simple movement. We refined the spray settings to provide relevant settings for the different tasks in the garden.

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