An energy efficient, sustainable solution.

Automatic detection of air quality, adapts extraction speed accordingly. Only extracts when needed. Energy Rating A+, users are looking for solutions to minimise energy use in current climate. Long lasting filters (10 years) without need for cleaning. Multifunctional extraction & air filter, reducing energy use.

Embracing innovative technology

First to the market on Plasma filtration. Removes 98% of odours and VOCs without the need for outside ventilation. Detects and responds to air pollutants, humidity and temperature levels in the air.

Unobtrusive interface

Simple dot interface is easy to use and integrates seamlessly in the home. The interface works through the infrared dots. Each dot can be touched to choose power and display level.

Design Language

Straight lines, square design to fit with cabinetry. Recessed grill supports minimal aesthetic. Square grill to sit seamlessly with T shape design. Diffused lighting variations; cool for tasks & warm for ambient/relaxing lighting. All surfaces are flush, including interface for easy cleaning.


High functionality cooker hood at an attainable price for more users. No external extraction needed saves installation cost & complexity. Cost savings on buying multiple appliances as combined functionality of an air-purifier & cooker hood. Democratising Plasma technology.

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