Painting and Decorating Tools

The ambition of this range is to assist users throughout the entire paint project journey (prepare, paint, pause, clean and store) with high quality, accesible and intuitive products.


All the handles of this range have been designed to be non prescriptive and allow different ways of holding the tool depending on the size of the user’s hand, the size of the surface, the size of the tool and the type of precision needed.


The cleaning pod helps clean brushes deeply and save water. The aim is to encourage users to maintain their brushes in order to be re-used over and over again.

Pause and Store

All trays and scuttles have sealed lids to allow customers to pause their projects, keeping paint fresh up to 7 days. The lids also allow for storage of the tools at the end keeping them like new for the next project.


Thorough research has allowed us to define the best selection of tools to cover most paint project scenarios. With that knowledge we have created features within the products fo a seamless interaction between them.

Quality & accessibility

All the brushes in the range have been created using the best materials and construction for paint collection, no bristle loss and coverage. All designed keeping cost in mind to achieve the best quality at an accesible price point.

Other Products