Lewi Work Light

The Erbauer Lewi Work light has been designed to solve problems faced by many DIYers and Pros, providing users with a clear and bright environment to work within. 


The Erbauer Lewo Worklight is a clear example of what we call a "disruptive product". Most of the products on the market act and look same as each other’s, without the promises of solving existing irritants for the users. With a protective shape for the light screen, easiness of orientation and many options to install the product on every project in the home, Lewi is the perfect companion for DIYers and Pros.

Insights and Research

Looking at the essential requirements when you are working on a home improvement project, a clear and bright environment must come first. The safety of the persons and the quality of the work will be widely influence by how much you can see clearly what you are cutting, drilling, painting and more. Having this in mind, it was important to understand what the current solutions available on the market were, and the worklight is one of the preferred items to work in good conditions.

By interviewing professionals, we noticed that nothing was currently made to go further in the usages, and solve precise user needs, like working on a small room of the house, transport and protect the light, securely hang it in different places and positions.

Our objective was clear, we needed to completely rethink this iconic object known by all DIYers and Pros to offer a more mature iteration.

Prototype and Refinment

This is how we started to design shapes which will permit the user to handle the light with care, enabling a strong protection of the light screen and easily orientable on all possible directions. We wanted to offer a strong range, which will fit with all the needs and budgets of our customers, with different available power, but also corded and battery powered version.

Design Proposal

All these elements influenced what is today the final shape of the product, a worklight with an extruded triangle shape, extensible to welcome more LEDs for more power, with a base compatible with battery cells for a cordless usage. The same base embedded with numerous different ways of fixing the product, which can be place on a tripod, fixed with screws on a wall, and even hook on a ladder thanks to the two integrated foldable arms.

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