GoodHome Nomad Barbecue

Outdoor cooking & smoked dishes.

Summer calls for barbecues, even for those who do not own a garden or who are always on the move. And what is easier and tastier than an authentic charcoal barbecue dinner? We bring a nomad solution, the Hensen barbecue.

Essentials needs to cover the customer expectations.

While not in use, Hensen folds flat: all the components fit inside the firebox, closed by the lid. The legs are folded under the charcoal tray and lock into position, creating a convenient carry handle.

Compact, lightweight, the Hensen BBQ can be easily transported by 1 person. This product is suitable for the season, and easy to store during Winter.

Space saving & compact.

Hensen is a compact, foldable charcoal barbecue, that allows you to set up a cooking spot in any outdoor location.

Effortless set up.

When setting up the barbecue, the handle unlocks to unfold the legs, and the lid is used to lock the legs in place. The lid can also be used as a shelf for food or plates. No tools are required to assemble Hensen. The grill includes two foldable handles. The grill is the only component to clean afterwards, making this equipment very low maintenance.

Optimized in-store display.

The packaging has been optimized for efficient transportation and clear commutation for the customer. Sustainability and the simplification of restock by staff members were at the core of this concept.

The barbecue is encircled by a simple cardboard belt / sleeve, onto which you can find a quick instruction manual (also present inside the lid). Four barbecues fit inside one transport box, which is designed to be cut open thanks to perforations, and transformed into a simple display.

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