Alara Room Divider

The GoodHome Alara Room divider is a customisable system that empowers users to make better use of their space. The system eliminates the difficulty, cost, and disruption of building a permanent wall. Panels, posts, and accessories can be combined to create a configuration to suit the user’s home. 

Insights and Research

We conducted user interviews to understand the problems our customers have when trying to divide space within their home. It’s expensive and difficult to change the layout of a home, users need simple and adaptable solutions. Households grow and circumstances change, the range reflects these needs, providing a simple, adaptable, and easy to install system.

Prototype and Refinement

The system required to meet a variety of EU standards that meant we needed to conduct testing to validate the construction. We partnered with suppliers to evolve and improve the construction and connection of the post and panels until we developed a proposal that could successfully pass all required testing.

Design Proposal

The Alara range is a system of posts and panels enabling the user to create a solution to suit their needs, easily adapted to suit a variety of ceiling heights. The system adopts a ‘plug and play’ construction, the panels incorporate a connector that snaps directly into the post, creating a simple and quick installation process.

The construction allows for convenient repair and replace of components, the system can grow with the user overtime. Recycled and sustainable materials have been adopted to reduce the environmental impact and comprehensively tested to maximise performance.

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