Gardening products designed to work with nature

When it comes to gardening, we believe in going back to our roots – back to the way nature intended.

Knowing 82% of our customers* would like choice when it comes to not using synthetic chemicals in their outdoor space, our Verve botanists created the first complete range of gardening solutions using ingredients sourced from nature - Mama Terra by Verve. It’s about helping you to garden in a way that supports the natural ecology of your garden.

*Source: Gardening & the Plant purchase journey, Kingfisher Insights Team, June 2021

Natural, garden-loving ways to feed your plants, improve the soil and control weeds and pests

MamaTerra by Verve supports a healthy, balanced ecosystem in every garden. Free from synthetic chemicals, they use all-natural ingredients like hand harvested seaweed, and they’re enriched with organic fertilisers and beneficial bacteria. They’re designed to work with native microbes, insects and carbon in the soil, helping to enrich it and create a more fertile soil.

MamaTerra by Verve is a complete ecosystem of products, with each designed to help meet different needs gardeners face - from preparing your soil to planting, feeding and protecting your plants. Our products help support increased levels of carbon in the soil, which feeds the beneficial microbes and glues the soil particles together, holding more water and nutrients and reducing the risk of soil erosion.

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