Kingfisher upholds blanket removal of metaldehyde despite High Court ruling

In March 2019, Kingfisher plc announced it would stop selling products that contain metaldehyde and replace them with environmentally-friendly alternatives. Despite the High Court ruling in July 2019, which overturned the ban in the UK, the company intends to uphold this decision across its 1,300 stores.

Tim Clapp, Head of Range, Garden, Kingfisher plc said: “We took the decision to remove metaldehyde from our products before the proposed legislative ban in spring 2020 and will continue with our commitment despite the High Court challenge. We know that customers care a great deal about their gardens, and that includes protecting the wildlife that they attract, as well as the plants they enjoy growing in them. Metaldehyde can cause significant harm to wildlife and pollutes our waters. By upholding our decision to remove it completely, we continue to make it easier for our customers to create healthy homes that are free from harmful chemicals.”

Our announcement in March followed three years of collaboration and product development with our suppliers to better understand slug behaviour, in order to develop unique products that can protect plants without using harmful toxins.

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