CREST proxy voting service

CREST offers a proxy voting service which Kingfisher's Registrars, Computershare are an agent of.

Shareholders are advised that, upon receipt of their proxy form from the Company, if they wish to appoint a proxy or to give or amend an instruction to a previously appointed proxy via the CREST system, the CREST message must be received by the issuer's agent (ID 3RA50) two days prior to the date of the Company's AGM at the latest. For this purpose, the time of receipt will be taken to be the time (as determined by the timestamp applied to the message by the CREST Applications Host) from which the issuer's agent is able to retrieve the message. After this time any change of instructions to a proxy appointed through CREST should be communicated to the proxy by other means.

CREST Personal Members or other CREST sponsored members, and those CREST Members who have appointed voting service provider(s) should contact their CREST sponsor or voting service provider(s) for assistance with appointing proxies via CREST.

For further information on CREST procedures, limitations and system timings, please refer to the CREST Manual. We may treat as invalid a proxy appointment sent by CREST in the circumstances set out in Regulation 35(5)(a) of the Uncertificated Securities Regulations 2001.