Group priorities

Grow e-commerce sales

We are committed to growing our e-commerce sales by offering speed, convenience and choice to our customers.

Differentiate and grow through own exclusive brands (OEB)

We believe that our OEB product development is a significant source of value for our retail banners and their customers. OEBs provide a strong point of differentiation in terms of design, functionality, sustainability and value for money, as well as carrying a higher gross margin (on average) than branded products. We aim to grow our OEB sales further, as we bring even more innovation to our ranges and differentiation to our banners. 

Build a mobile-first and service orientated customer experience

Our mission is to grow our mobile channel by creating great customer experiences. We will continue to grow our active app user base by optimising our app stores, using push messaging and in-app offers, and improving design and performance. We are also providing customers with a more compelling and complete range of services, including augmented reality, 3D design tools, and installation services.

Test compact store concepts and adapt our store footprint

Stores are a critical part of the home improvement market. Customers want to be inspired, to be able to visualise what they buy, and to get advice and design services from in-store experts. Stores also serve as a ‘one-stop shop’ for projects and allow us to provide customised services. Our c.1,500 stores also play an integral role in meeting the increasing customer demand for convenience and speed, whether through fast C&C or delivery to where the customer wants it.

Expand engagement with trade customers

Trade customers are an integral part of the home improvement ecosystem and a key priority for Kingfisher. While we already have strong and growing participation, there are significant opportunities to engage further with trade customers. This includes continuing to roll-out trade counters, international expansion, digital enhancements, range expansion, loyalty programme optimisation, improved merchandising, more partnerships and new services.

Source and buy better, reduce costs and same-store inventory

We have identified significant opportunities to reduce costs across Kingfisher, through initiatives covering store productivity, goods not for resale (GNFR*), supply and logistics, overheads and property (including lease renegotiations). In addition, through value engineering and the use of our scale, we expect to extract further value from sourcing and buying. Reducing same-store inventory levels is also a priority.

Lead the industry in Responsible Business practices

We are committed to leading our industry in responsible business practices. Building on our strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) credentials, our ‘Powered by Kingfisher’ strategy sets out four priority areas for Responsible Business, where we can maximise our positive impact on the lives of our customers, colleagues, communities and the planet.