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Test compact store concepts and adapt our store footprint

Stores are a critical part of the home improvement market. Customers want to be inspired, to be able to visualise what they buy, and to get advice and design services from in-store experts. Stores also serve as a ‘one-stop shop’ for projects and allow us to provide customised services. Our c.1,500 stores also play an integral role in meeting the increasing customer demand for convenience and speed, whether through fast C&C or delivery to where the customer wants it.

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Test compact stores and adapt our store footprint proof points


compact stores tests ongoing across the UK, France & Poland

Up to 40

big box stores targeted for rightsizing over the next 10 years


completed rightsizings tests at B&Q and Castorama France

Next 5 years

planning rapid expansion of Poland stores
Figures from half year results ended 31 July 2022

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