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Roll out compact store formats

Stores play a critical role in the home improvement market. They serve as a ‘one-stop shop’ for projects, enabling customers to be inspired, to visualise and ‘try before they buy’, and receive customised advice and services from in-store experts. Over the last three years they have also played an integral role in meeting elevated demand via e-commerce channels, whether through fast C&C or delivery to where the customer wants it. We believe that compact stores will play an increasingly crucial role in addressing the consumer need for both speed and convenience. Through compact store expansion, our ambition is to grow market share, optimise our overall store footprint, and to grow sales densities and store profitability.

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Roll out compact store proof points


new compact stores opened in the UK, France & Poland


high street concept stores now open in the UK, France and Poland
Figures from full year results ended 31 January 2023

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