Managing Sustainability

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To achieve our goals we need to integrate sustainability into how we run our business and our core policies and processes, including the new structures, functions and ways of working that we are creating as part of our business transformation.

We measure our progress against 53 targets which cover our sustainability priorities; timber energy, innovation and communities and three other important areas; our people, suppliers and partners and environment.

Our commercial model for sustainability shows how becoming Net Positive generates value for our business. We use it as a tool to engage our senior managers on sustainability and to develop implementation plans which help our markets contribute towards meeting our overall Net Positive targets. It focuses on the benefits of integrating sustainability in four core areas:

  • Revenue opportunities
  • Customer preference
  • Supply chain resilience
  • Efficiency and productivity

Our group and operating company sustainability teams work with their colleagues around the business to integrate sustainability. Their role is to demonstrate the importance of sustainability issues at both a personal and business level and provide the practical tools and support to help our people make sustainability part of what we do.

Overall responsibility for sustainability now sits with our Chief Customer Officer, who is a member of our leadership team and reports directly to our Chief Executive Officer. This is a new position, whose role is to create the best experience for our customers online and in-store, and to integrate sustainability across the customer journey. In line with our aim to fully integrate sustainability, we no longer have a separate Group Sustainability Director role. Sustainability issues are regularly discussed at meetings of the Kingfisher Board of Directors.

Our Group Sustainability Committee provides direction on the development and integration of sustainability. The Committee, which met four times during the year, is chaired by the Chief Customer Officer and its members include senior leaders from our group functions and companies. It is responsible for agreeing the direction of our sustainability approach and for monitoring progress against our Net Positive targets. It also facilitates sharing of best practices across the Group and supports the development of capacity and capability at all levels throughout the business to deliver on our goals.

We created a new Sustainability Director role within our Offer and Supply Chain function to help lead our work on integrating sustainability into our unified offer.

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