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  • Becoming Net Positive

    Net Positive is our ambition to create positive change in our business and the world. Read about our progress in our Net Positive Report, published on 9 June 2015.


Renewables & payback pragmatics

By Jeremy Parsons
27 April 2016

“It is not about listing niche green products that our consumers don’t buy. Or ticking boxes. This is about sales through the till and a material part of our business.”

By Caroline Laurie
18 April 2016

Stumped about showing the benefits of sourcing certified wood? Then join us...

By jamie lawrence
14 February 2016


We have a
commercial model for
delivering Net Positive.


We're proud that our
work on sustainability
has been recognised by
a number of prestigious

Key priorities

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Furniture in a sitting room


Not just preventing deforestation but working towards net reforestation.

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