Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues


Kingfisher Net Positive

Net Positive is our sustainability ambition. It means transforming our business to have a restorative impact on the environment; innovating in our products and services to enable our customers to have more sustainable homes; and making a positive contribution to society and the communities in which we operate. We launched Net Positive in 2012 building on our strong heritage in sustainability. With Net Positive, we aim to:

  • Have a positive impact on people and communities;
  • Be restorative to the environment;
  • Become carbon positive;
  • Waste nothing;
  • Create wealth.

Net Positive includes 50 ambitious targets for 2020, which will take us on the first stage of our journey to becoming a restorative business by 2050.

Our business exists to help people improve their homes and through doing so to improve their lives. Sustainability is core to our purpose because homes cannot be better without being more sustainable. We believe that by integrating sustainability across our business, we can create a more innovative, resilient and successful company, one that creates value socially, environmentally and financially. Find out more at www.kingfisher.com/netpositive

Net Positive implementation

We have a commercial model for delivering Net Positive. Our companies are using this to develop implementation plans which will integrate sustainability into their core business in a locally relevant way – and contribute to our Net Positive targets overall. Each company’s local implementation plan identifies how integrating sustainability will generate value for the business in four areas: revenue opportunities; customer preference; supply chain resilience; efficiency and productivity.

Our Net Positive approach encompasses four priorities that are closely linked with our business goals – timber, energy, innovation and communities – and three other issues: employees, suppliers and the environment. We report progress against our Net Positive targets on an annual basis, see Net Positive Reporting. We have a number of policies and guidance documents specifically relating to Net Positive, which are regularly updated.

Our Group Sustainability Director has overall responsibility for Net Positive and reports directly to the Group Chief Executive. During 2014/15, we established our Group Sustainability Committee, with representatives from the Group Executive committee and senior leadership from every operating company board. It meets four times a year to formally approve policies and provide direction on sustainability for our functions and businesses. It facilitates sharing of best practice and supports the development of capacity and capability at all levels to deliver our Net Positive targets.

See the Net Positive section for our latest Net Positive Report.