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Kingfisher Net Positive

Net Positive is our ambition to make a positive contribution to people and the planet, while growing a stronger and more successful business. We launched Net Positive in 2012 building on our strong heritage in sustainability.

Net Positive includes 50 ambitious targets for 2020, which will take us on the first stage of our journey to becoming a restorative business by 2050.

Net Positive sits within our core business strategy, 'Creating the Leader' as a key enabler of our Group-wide strategic plans. It is increasingly integrated into our business model so that business success generates returns for shareholders, cash for reinvestment and value for our people, customers and society, while protecting the planet's resources.

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Net Positive implementation

Our Net Positive approach encompasses four priorities that are closely linked with our business goals – timber, energy, innovation and communities – and three other issues: employees, suppliers and the environment. We have set ambitious targets in each area against a 2010/11 baseline. You can read more about our approach within the Net Positive section on this site.

We report progress against our Net Positive targets on an annual basis. Read about our performance during 2013/14 in our Net Positive Report.

We have a number of policies and guidance documents specifically relating to Net Positive, which were reviewed, updated and strengthened during 2013/14. This was part of a wider review which looked at all group policies to make sure they reflect our Net Positive approach.

Each Operating Company has developed a plan for how it will contribute to meeting our group targets within its businesses, including data on the investments it will make and the financial and other value it expects to generate.

Net Positive related targets have been integrated into the performance objectives for key members of our senior management. We launched our One Academy Net Positive executive education module during 2013/14, designed to further improve understanding of Net Positive among our most senior leaders.

See Net Positive section for our full Net Positive Report.

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