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Kingfisher Net Positive

We have a strong heritage in sustainability, and in 2012 we made a real step-change in our approach. In March 2012, we announced a new sustainability ambition called Net Positive. This bold new strategy will take us through to 2020 - and into the following decades - with the aim of having a Net Positive impact on the world in which we operate.

We have made a Group commitment to becoming Net Positive within our core business strategy, 'Creating the Leader' which forms the cornerstone of our business for the coming years. Net Positive is now one of only eight pillars of our Group-wide strategic plans.

Find out more at www.kingfisher.com/netpositive


Strategy implementation

Our Net Positive strategy focuses the Group on four priorities that are tightly linked with our business goals: timber, energy, innovation and communities. This focus helps to embed a new approach to sustainability at both Group level and among our operating companies.

We are already working on these priority areas across our business as sustainability has long been a core part of our strategy. You can read about our performance during 2013/14 in our Net Positive Report which will be released in June. Our 2012/13 progress is available within the Net Positive section of this site.

We also have a Group CR Policy and issue-specific Policy Standards which set out our commitments and objectives on key CR issues. This year we will be reviewing our Policy Standards in light of our new Net Positive ambition.

Progress against our CR key performance indicators (KPIs) is reported on an annual basis. See Group CR performance for progress on our CR KPIs and targets.

Having four priority areas does not mean that is all we work on. Our Net Positive strategy is supported by 50 targets – the Foundations – that measure our performance against our Priorities and within other core areas. The majority of our 2020 targets within each Priority area have been set against a 2012 baseline (unless otherwise stated).

The Foundations questionnaire is updated by the business at six-monthly intervals. Each year we will be transparent about our progress and provide an update in the Corporate Responsibility Report.

Our work to embed Net Positive across all our businesses means we are helping to lead the sustainability agenda in markets where CR practices are still evolving, such as China, Turkey and Russia.

See Net Positive section for our full CR Report.

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