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Screwfix Sell Side Trip

Screwfix Sell Side Trip on 12 October 2012

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B&Q is the UK’s leading DIY and garden centre retailer and is nearly twice the size of its nearest competitor.

B&Q is the UK's leading DIY and garden centre retailer and is nearly twice the size of its nearest competitor. Its stores offer around 40,000 inspirational home improvement and garden products for the homemaker, occasional to serious DIY'er, and trade professionals.

B&Q Ireland offers a wide range of home improvement products, using both the larger Warehouse and smaller, mini-Warehouse stores.

B&Q is continuing with its renewal programme which includes updating product ranges, introducing more services, and improving the store environments to include more “shop within shop” areas devoted to specific product categories. Improved “showroom” areas to display kitchen, bathroom and bedroom ranges are also being added. Customers can buy a large range of items online at

* Data correct: 2 August 2014






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    Innovation at B&Q: Transform your Gutters

    Who’s got time to be up and down ladders clearing gutters from wet leaves and sloppy, thick mud? Not us. So, introducing Floguard, the product that protects from the elements and is easy to remove and


    Innovation at B&Q: Weather Wonderment - NeverWet

    We don’t like using fancy words to make our product sounds more scientific… but… the superhydrophobic formula utilised in Neverwet depicts that it dissipates Hydrogen oxide, quagmire, rime and other m


    My Journey as a B&Q Christmas Tree: Part 1

    Finally my time to shine is here! I’ve waited a long time for this… ladies and gentlemen, form an orderly queue. Stay tuned for part 2... Find out more about the journey of our real Christmas trees here: Visit the official B&Q YouTube channel. Here you'll find the ideas and know-how you need to make your home improvement dream a reality: Need a helping hand with your DIY project? We're always uploading new films, so whatever your project, we're here to support you 24/7. Subscribe today so you don't miss out. For more advice go to (...)



There’s at least 468,000 reasons businesses should extend a helping hand

By Carys Jones-Williams
28 October 2014

Are you tapping into the enormous potential young people have to catalyse disruptive innovation in your business?

By Alex Duff
22 October 2014

Businesses shouldn’t miss the opportunity to influence, shape and harness a new generation

By Jamie Taylor
20 October 2014

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In a year B&Q typically sells three million paint rollers and 1.8 million orange buckets

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