We have a clear set of principles which will unlock the real potential of ONE Kingfisher. We are organising ourselves very differently in order to effect the necessary change, and we are getting on with this at real pace.

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  • Véronique Laury interview

    By putting the customer first, we will create a business that will better address their needs. We have the scale, the expertise and the passion, and by directing it with a unified focus we can truly make a difference.


Q1 trading update

Our Q1 results were announced on 24 May 2016.

Final results 2015/16

Our Final results were announced on 23 March 2016.

Q2 pre-close trading update

We announced our Second Quarter pre-close trading update on 23 July 2015

Preliminary results

Our Preliminary results were announced on 25 March 2014.

Our strategy

In January 2016 we provided the detail about our ONE Kingfisher transformation plan.

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