Our history

Sustainability is a key part of Kingfisher's heritage and we are now building on these strong foundations.

We launched our restorative Net Positive approach to business in 2012. It's linked to our core business strategy and we are working hard to integrate the restorative approach into business as usual.

Net Positive sets out our belief that to succeed business must do more than minimise its negative impact – it must be designed to have a positive impact on the world. By taking a restorative approach, putting back more than we take out, we will create positive change for people and the environment and a stronger and more resilient business too. We've set ambitious Net Positive targets and are making steady progress towards them.

Assortment of eco-friendly products

Eco products

We aim to be at the forefront of eco-product innovation by 2020. During 2013/14 products with eco-credentials accounted for 21% of retail sales and we aim for 50% by 2020. 'Best in class', our most innovative eco-products, accounted for 5% of sales. To find out more, visit www.kingfisher.com/netpositive.


Responsible business

We will transform the way we operate to become Net Positive by 2050. As well as focusing on our four key priorities of Timber, Energy, Innovation and Communities, we have committed to manage and improve our impacts right across the business. We will continue to deliver 50 additional targets, which we call the Foundations, which span the four priority areas as well as our Employees, Suppliers and Partners and the Environment. To view our progress to date go, visit the Net Positive: Group performance section.

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