Introducing B&Q Homefit

In May 2013 B&Q launched ‘B&Q Homefit’, a scheme designed to help customers do the DIY tasks that they cannot or should not undertake themselves. B&Q Homefit is a wide-ranging service, offering customers solutions to large projects like installing hard flooring or carpet and full room renovations to assisting in smaller everyday DIY tasks. The service also covers boiler installations and installations involving gas and electrics that are required by law to be performed by registered tradesmen.

Research has shown that it costs people around £1.5 million a year to fix poorly done DIY tasks in the UK. Concerns over costs and lack of trust in some trade practices have prompted many to carry out overly-challenging DIY tasks themselves. B&Q Homefit attempts to combat this problem by providing fully qualified local tradesmen to carry out these tasks at pre-agreed fixed prices.

Customers can call B&Q Homefit for approved tradesmen on 01236 634557. Lines are open Mon-Fri 08.30-20.00, Sat 09.00-17.00.


Introducing B&Q Homefit

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Laura Saxton-McCabe  10 February 2014

“This is really informative & would instil confidence in anyone who would like to take advantage of the services that B&Q Homefit provide. It is worrying that a large number of people spend time & money to rectify poor workmanship (often through no fault of their own). The fact that B&Q Homefit offer guaranteed tradesmen & fixed-prices, are both really attractive Unique Selling Points. Those elements, along with excellent customer care, are what make us 'THE' Helpful Home Improvement Company.”

Matt Brookes  10 February 2014

“Helped me with a project I couldn't and shouldn't do myself. The people on the other end of the phone were fantastic proffessional and really helpful. So glad I chose Homefit and not my Dads mate!”

Clare  12 February 2014

Thanks for the feedback Matt, I'll pass it onto the team. Glad we could help.

f brookes  10 February 2014

“A really helpful service for that job I just couldn't do !”

Clare  12 February 2014

Glad we could help!

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