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Screwfix Sell Side Trip

Screwfix Sell Side Trip on 12 October 2012

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In this section you will find information about what's new at Kingfisher, across our brands and geographies, whether it is a new product, a new service available to our customers, or a new store launched in one of the 10 countries in which we operate.

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Eco shops, B&Q UK. June 2010

B&Q UK is piloting a new ‘eco shop’ concept in two flagship stores - New Malden and Sutton.

These provide a one-stop shop for customers looking for eco products, information and advice. A wide range of One Planet Home® accredited products are arranged into six key eco categories, from insulation to eco-decoration.

Within the eco shops, B&Q is offering home energy audits and trialling new eco-installation services including boiler upgrades, solid wall insulation and solar thermal water heating installations.

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