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Titan power tools. May 2012

Paul Gough 10 February 2014

Just bought a 750w ttb281grd grinder.
Looks good, why the 13amp fuse ?
750w / 230v. = 4amp
So 5amp slow blow to allow for starting ?


Introducing B&Q Homefit

Laura Saxton-McCabe 10 February 2014

“This is really informative & would instil confidence in anyone who would like to take advantage of the services that B&Q Homefit provide. It is worrying that a large number of people spend time & money to rectify poor workmanship (often through no fault of their own). The fact that B&Q Homefit offer guaranteed tradesmen & fixed-prices, are both really attractive Unique Selling Points. Those elements, along with excellent customer care, are what make us 'THE' Helpful Home Improvement Company.”

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