Our own brand portfolio


Kingfisher believes in the power of strong own brand products. In 2009, a streamlined portfolio of Group own brands was developed around the key home improvement projects of our customers and implemented across our consumer retail formats such as Castorama France, Poland and Russia, Koçtaş in Turkey and B&Q UK and China. In parallel, Brico Dépôt in France and Spain, and Screwfix in the UK also started sharing some of their established own brands on categories such as power tools, work wear and sanitary ware.

Today, the Kingfisher own brand portfolio counts nine international brands specifically tailored for our consumer home improvement formats, such as 'Blooma' for garden furniture and barbecues, 'MacAllister' for tools and 'Colours' for our decorative offer; and six international brands more focused on our Trade customers such as 'Titan' on power tools, and 'Site' on workwear.

The strength of Kingfisher's global position allows us to flex and adapt our own brand product offer in each of our local markets. This means our Operating Companies can enjoy the benefits of achieving economies of scale by sourcing together with optimal own-branded product development efficiency, whilst retaining complete relevance to their local customer base.

We are truly passionate about the products we sell under these own brands. We take pride in the diversity of our portfolio but as with all international companies, something must hold it all together. In our case, it is our four core brand values that act as the glue connecting the whole: innovation, quality, sustainability and making home improvement easier. These brand values are underpinned by the requirement for our own-branded products to be affordable.

We conduct international customer survey to help us improve further our own-branded offer and as a result, a number of actions are being put in place to increase the performance of our exclusive portfolio.

Download the posters below to see some of our Group own brands.

Blooma Logo


Blooma provides a timeless collection of garden furnishing and exterior lighting that is inspired by nature itself, so the whole family can all indulge in the delights of the garden as if it were another room in the house.

Colours Logo


The collection of stylish Colours products gives you the freedom and confidence to explore and express your own style.

Verve Logo


Whatever your level as a gardener, Verve makes it easy to bring colour, life and nature to your garden. Discover the joy of nurturing your own little patch of nature.

Cooke & Lewis Logo

Cooke & Lewis

Cooke & Lewis skilfully blend expert craftsmanship with imaginative style to bring you a range of beautiful products for the heart of your home.

MacAllister Logo


Dependable and easy-to-use, MacAllister's high-performance hand and power tools are engineered to give you the control and confidence you need to get the job done.

Blyss Logo


Advanced heating and cooling systems, security and water treatment, air treatment and Communication. Blyss puts you in complete control of your home environment, providing you with the level of comfort you deserve.

Diall Logo


No matter what your skill level, Diall has everything you need to get the job done. Diall's huge range of well-made, dependable and functional products allows you to build the sturdy, reliable base every project needs.

Form Logo


Created to make intelligent use of any room in the house, Form provides all sorts of practical solutions to help you organise, arrange and unclutter your home.

Geom Logo


Geom's range of doors, windows and stairs provides everything you need to rethink, redefine, and reshape the space within your own home and turn it into the warm, flexible and inviting environment you desire.

OPP Logo


The brand that gives all of our consumers access to home improvement by providing entry level products that do the job.

What's the opportunity?

The lack of sizeable, global manufacturer brands in our sector has meant there has been relatively limited product innovation in recent years to make home improvement easier and more accessible for the consumer. As a result demand has not been stimulated to its full potential.

Our unique contribution as a business to our customers is that we can harness our international scale and sourcing capability, our heritage as a leader in sustainability and our home improvement experience to bring new, more sustainable and more affordable products to market.

By introducing core common ranges across all of our businesses we will use our scale to accelerate innovation, stimulating overall market demand and growing our like-for-like (LFL) sales and our market share.

The more efficiently we can source and market own brand products to our customers, the greater the benefits we can derive from our Group buying strategy.