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Have a look at what some of our employees have been up to during their time at Kingfisher.

Martin Girard , Category Manager, Decorative & Flooring, Kingfisher Sourcing and Offer

Martin Girard

Didier Barbero, Regional Director at Brico Dépôt France

Didier Barbero

Zoe Thomas, Manager/Screwfix West Bromwich

Zoe Thomas

Becky Coffin, Head of Net Positive Delivery, Kingfisher plc

Becky Coffin

Ross Stanton, Solution Architect, Kingfisher IT Services

Ross Stanton


Didier Barbero    Regional Director, Brico Dépôt France

Didier joined Castorama in1988 and started as a sales person on the shop floor. He held various store-based roles at Castorama France before being promoted to Store Manager in 2004, a position he held for five years.

Didier then transferred to Brico Dépôt France in 2010 to become Regional Director, first for the East region, and in 2013 for the South East Region. As Regional Director, Didier has focused on contributing to all the Brico Dépôt teams in moving towards the new strategy implementation and managing the changes linked to it.

“During my time in two stages with Castorama and then with Brico Dépôt, I understood how beneficial it was for Kingfisher to have two complementary brands in the same country. The two French Operating Companies have a strong product and performance culture, but each has their own economic model and unique commercial approach.”

“Along with these specific key features, the two sister companies have distinct corporate cultures and staff interactions, allowing them to exercise leadership in different ways. ”

“I strongly believe that this double experience is an asset, which has expanded my professional horizon and developed my ability to implement and manage larger Human Resources projects. This would not have been the case if I had remained in one Operating Company. Today, I realise that these roles have allowed me to enrich my knowledge and to expand from a local vision to a group vision.”

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